I’ve dreamed of a blog refresh in months, maybe even years…

I wanted my own personal domain, a name where my current followers can easily relate me to, and for new followers to join along on the ride.

I never actually got up off my busy ass to do anything about it though.

Here I am, currently a teacher, a wifey and a new mom of almost 6 months,
the busiest I’ve ever been, and I find myself accomplishing my long dreamt goal.
It’s not complete, not perfect, and not even close to being finished.
But do check back once in awhile to see my improvements on this page 🙂

Maybe it’s about woman and multi-tasking, or maybe, it’s just easier when you know you’re doing something you love.

I hope to see you more often on this platform, as well as all my other social media platforms. Your likes, comments and friendships are my biggest motivation and the only reasons why I continue sharing my life out here.

HAPPY 2017, Y’ALL! And I hope you at least cross one thing off your bucket list this year..
or even just from your never-ending to-do list.

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