When Birkenstock HK reached out and said,
“Merry Christmas!” with a pair of Birkenstock Londons,

I was super excited.

I’m soooo passionate about styling pieces
that aren’t mainstream “pretty” or mainstream “easy to match/style”.
I feel like the challenge of putting together a look that works with special articles of clothing is the fun of it all.

How is it fun if you’re just wearing what everyone is wearing?

Obviously, there are days when I am lazy and just put on whatever’s easiest,
but these birks made me think and plan ahead,
and I liked that 🙂



Recently, I’ve been obsessing over Mom Jeans.
They are just so perfect for… moms.
hahaha, because it wraps over any left over “baby tummy” that you may have,
and are relaxed at the hips and legs so you don’t feel so self-conscious in your “yet-to-be-back-in-shape” body.

Don’t get me wrong, though;
I also used to adore Mom Jeans before I became a mother,
for the more or less the same reasons.


Vintage Levi’s Mom Jeans and similar, even cooler ones here

Down Jacket by Hardy Hardy @hardyhardysg

black knitted sweater by Uniqlo’s collection last year (similar and very good priced here, here and here)

Birkenstock London in Black (similar here now on sale! I love the metallic! Or here, for the more subtle you (: )

Lady Web Medium GG Canvas Shoulder Bag  and in red! (similar here)

’til next time!



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