I just wanted to talk about the way we like to travel, as a couple, and now as a little family.

Apparently, we are really ‘boring’ travellers.

Travelling is such a general and vague term, it turns out, as I speak to more and more people about their travelling ‘habits’.

Everyone enjoys travelling differently: some like to travel alone, some like to travel with different buddies every time and some like to travel with the same people each time for consistency. I am the latter. I prefer to travel with family and mostly my husband, no matter where it is we are going. It’s just a sense of security and bliss of making memories with your loved ones.

(That said, it doesn’t mean I have never traveled with my girlfriends before. That is another type of happy travelling that is so much harder to do at my stage in life #momlife)

And the way we like to take our trips is: take more time in one place and ‘live’ like the locals. So when we book our vacations, we usually take a city each time, be it a week for CNY or 2 weeks during Christmas or Easter (I am a teacher so my holidays always have to coincide with public holidays).

Some people give us disapproving looks whenever we tell them our itinerary, mainly on how it only involves one city in one trip.

That’s the way we roll, and we always end up very well-rested, satisfied and closer to that place and the people when it’s finally time to head home. Best feeling ever.

Point is, it doesn’t matter how you like to travel, and how different it is compared to how others travel, just do it your way, and have a blast.

We always do.

Can’t wait till our next adventure.



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