Had a really great Friday night a couple weeks ago at Little Creatures Brewery, tasting their menu with new Spring dishes that are coming soon to their official menu, as well as their beers! Worth a try, you ask? *nod*nod*nod*

So once upon a Friday night,


My favourite beer from the tasting flight was the Bright ale (aka the all-day beer) and the Rogers’. I thought those were the most easily accepted beers for a lady’s palate, although I am a beer lover myself.


This sea bass was a taste of Spring (and most appropriate as it will be available on the Little Creatures new Spring menu coming soon), and the light bean broth that it is in was soooo yum we went at it again and again even after the fish was finished.


But this Crispy Chicken though~~ Its name caught our eye right off the bat, as anything crispy  can always be trusted, but the small print under that said spicy mango sauce — TANGY!! And it was as good as advertised. Great starter choice!


Of course we had to wrap up the night with some dessert. We had the creme brûlée and brownie (anything with ice cream on top please!) Such a happy ending!

Overall, we were really impressed by the chillax atmosphere, the attentive service staff and the scrumptious dishes we had. Totally recommended for those who are craving for a night out with their buddies over great food and quality beers.

And yes, the dishes were cold by the time we were done taking photos #lifeofablogger
but may I add that the fact that we didn’t have it when it was hot and fresh only took a bit away from all its delicious-ness? I can’t wait to go back again and indulge in the food hot and fresh.

Hope that helps a bit on deciding on a location for dinner this weekend!

Cheers fellow foodies!





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