Hello fellow moms.

New moms, second-time moms, working moms, full-time moms…

Whichever one you are, as long as you’re a mom, IT’S OKAY.

There are so many books and websites with stats and “advice” about how our baby should be like at a given point in time, especially in the first year of their lives.

Sometimes we feel like we are more prepared for anything that we experience while taking care of our baby if we read up on those countless articles and follow their “advice”.

And when our baby doesn’t match what they had suggested or said they should be able to do by a certain month in life, we get upset and discouraged and wonder if something is terribly wrong with our child.

But there are a few things I’d like to say to fellow moms like yourself…

It’s okay if your baby still wakes up a few times at night.

It’s okay if your baby still wants to nurse in the middle of the day even though he has started on solids.

It’s okay if weaning from breast milk is harder than you expected and triggers more tears than you had ever imagined (including your own)

It’s okay if you can’t decide when to start weaning your baby from breastfeeding

It’s okay if your baby just got extra needy and clingy recently, and it’s gotten so bad that once you turn around and don’t make eye contact, he cries for you.

It’s okay if he doesn’t like to put on clothes or shoes or diapers..

It’s okay if he doesn’t eat as much solids as you’d like to feed him.

It’s okay if he doesn’t eat as much as other babies do.

But most importantly — It’s okay if you don’t do everything they “suggest” in books, or go by their “age appropriate” things.

Momming is hard. Parenting is hard.

And we just need to remember, there’s not just one way to do it. All babies are different and unique, that’s the best part.

Be flexible, and know that whatever difficult times you are having right now with baby, it shall all pass.

Make yourself a circle of good mom friends. Talk about your struggles, flaunt about the milestones that your baby has reached but also be forgiving about the things that don’t match the books, and most of all, remember that every baby will be able to do certain things at different times, and smile.

I’m here for you! If you need a listening ear or just talk about something that may be bothering you, leave me a message, send me an email, whatever. I want to be able to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Thanks for reading, love you all x


mandeeeee the first time mom


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