Baumhaus kindly offered an exclusive class for me and a few of my girlfriends/mommy friends and their babies to experience over Easter breakfa.

No, we did not all give birth in the same month/year so our babies were all of different ages, ranging from 3 months to 3 years of age! I was really impressed with how the teacher could still be able to involve and engage the children and create a really happy atmosphere for even the adults — Apparently, they have a family style class where they also cater for different ages so that siblings can enjoy a kindermusik class together!


We learned simple sign languages that we could bring home and reinforce with our babies in different scenarios for things other than music. I’ve read up on teaching babies sign language and how it helps them communicate their needs before they are able to verbalize their thoughts. I’ve tried teaching Klay the sign for ‘milk’ and I have found he has picked it up gradually and is finally starting to sign it back to me now at 9 months of age.

Can’t wait to get him used to the other ones we learned from the class at Baumhaus to help him tell me what it is he wants! (We had learnt ones like ‘stop’ and ‘more’ which can be applied to different things in life. So useful!)


‘Baumhaus’ in German means ‘tree house’, and in each of their centres (Wan Chai and Harbour City), they have precisely that in their play house. They were “specially designed and crafted in Germany by Kameleon, a German company specializing in creating play spaces for kindergartens in Germany”.




It is made from quality solid birch wood and built according to EU safety standards. And what Carsten, the founder of Baumhaus told me is that “Kameleon collaborates with several universities in Germany that specializes in early childhood education to ensure their educational spaces are updated constantly to the most modern education research and developments.” That means each and every part of the tree house is designed for the development of children who play on it: mainly on their social and gross motor skills development, while nourishing their love to explore and learn through their innate curiosity safely.

You can either just go for the play area or have a class and then have access to the play area for the rest of the day, but I’d say the best part is the fact that they have an area dedicated to tired moms in need of a coffee or for meeting new moms in this relaxing area where you can chat about your babies over some tea and sandwiches.
Children love exploring in the tree house while the mommies and daddies can have a good adult conversation with coffee. Win-win!


Overall, I’d say I enjoyed my whole experience at the Baumhaus centre. There were some good, happy vibes in every corner of the place. Of course there were occasional cries and complaints, but that’s what babies and children are made of, right?

We will be back ( :
Hope to see you there too!




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