Depending on where you’re travelling to, there are different things to consider when packing for your trip with your babies, such as:

  • how easy would it for you to shop for daily essentials like diapers and wet wipes?
  • what’s the weather and temperature like at your destination? Cold? Warm? Hot?

If you’re off to a cold destination, warm clothes, down jackets/oneises and many long-sleeved bodysuits are a must.

On the contrary, if you are headed to a warm destination, don’t forget to get your baby some sunscreen and sun hats like this reversible one  (ones that has a panel to cover the back of his neck is the most ideal, like this one in blue
this one
 in white, both of which is on sale right now!)
P.S. This one also looks very cute, for older children.

So other than those ESSENTIAL essentials, I’ve boiled it down to 2 very important things that you need to have with you for your trip with baby..


Ours is the Recaro Easylife Buggy, lightweight and can be handled (folded and opened) with one hand, which is one important aspect of strollers you must look into when you are shopping for one. You may not always have help when you’re on-the-go, so you need to anticipate the scenario of holding baby in one hand/arm, and having to ‘unravel’ your stroller with the other.

The Recaro Easylife Buggy is not the most compact one on the market, but it is the most reasonable one. We also got these accessories:
Recaro Rain cover for Recaro Easylife buggy

Recaro Easylife bumper bar

Baby carrier!

We had two choices of carriers to choose from to bring on our trip: Ergobaby 360 or Pognae No. 5… Hipseat or no hipseat, that was the question. We ended up going with the latter, just because it is made of waterproof material, in case the weather gets out of hand. The hipseat takes a bit of weight from the waist and hips, which we really appreciated.

Some people might say, if you’re bringing a stroller, why do you need a baby carrier?
And anyone who has taken their baby out ANYWHERE for longer than 15 minutes would be able to tell you that stroller are made for babies but babies are not born to love being in a stroller! It’s the truth and the reality, so all we can do is accept it and work with it.

We all love holding our babies, but if you’re holding them and shopping or sight-seeing at the same time, soon you will want to just leave your baby unattended at a park bench or something because you want your arms back (they would’ve gone numb after awhile of baby-holding).

So trust me, you’ll want to bring both (Stroller + Baby carrier)!

Hope that was helpful! Let me know what else you’d like to know about our trip in the comments below! 😀


Talk to you soon x


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