It was time.

No article on momming would ever tell you when you are ready to stop breastfeeding. They say it’s best to breastfeed up until baby is two years old, but it’s really up to mom and baby to decide.

If you have been following on my Momming journey, you would know just how much I enjoyed and seized every moment of every breastfeeding day, from this post and this one.

The hardest part about weaning him off breastmilk once and for all was..

The “overthinking it” part before I even tried.

Everything seems so much harder than it actually is when you are thinking about it or planning it. Maybe that’s why I’m not big on planning. It stresses me out.

Anyway, my master plan was to do it as soon as we landed back in HK, because I figured it was a big change of scenery and time difference anyway, so The Wean could also take place then so he wouldn’t be noticing it as much.

So we bought a big can of trusty formula as soon as we landed to have it for the night (as I’ve weaned him off daytime feedings about two months ago).

I was stressing out like a monkey without bananas nonetheless that first evening right before bedtime. I didn’t know whether or not he’d like the milk, whether or not he would drink from the bottle as he had refused it most days when I was at work, and how much crying we would have to endure. To our surprise, he took the 4 oz bottle of formula as if he has always had it, while lying on me as if I were a chair. He was done in a few minutes and it was as if he wanted more so we made him 4 more oz but he was done. After rocking him for a bit, he fell asleep.

That night he woke up a few times, and I gave him tight snuggles and he fell back asleep.

SO grateful.

Over the course of the next few days, he never asked or looked for mommy’s milk. All he wanted, and needed were a few extra snuggles and to be held tightly in order to fall asleep. I feel so blessed.

All that overthinking was a waste of my time, as it always is.

I like to think that all this ended up happening this way, smooth transitions and all, because I gave him a good start in life. Not only because he was on breastmilk, but because of the sense of security I provided him since the first day he came to this world. I am sure that has everything to do with how well he transitioned. Making sure your baby feels secure is everything!


How did you wean your baby? I’d love to hear your story!




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