So I wanted to talk about my first lash extensions EVER.


I’ve always hesitated getting my lashes done because I didn’t want really fake looking lashes that would make my eyelids really heavy, lose all my real eyelashes and maintenance is always an issue too.

The more I see people with it done, the less confidence I had getting them done myself and looking good..

When Xtremelashes Hong Kong reached out to offer me their service, I was still hesitant to try it out, because of all the reasons I’ve just mentioned. At the same time though, another part of me was pulling me in the opposite direction: What is there to lose, other than a few real lashes here and there (I’m sure we already do anyway, it’s just part of the natural growth process, right)?

I have never researched in depth about the process or asked my friends who have done it how it feels etc. I just figured I’d never get it done, so it didn’t matter much to me. But that also left me going in not really knowing what to expect. That was totally fine with me though, that’s just how I am, always holding the Expect the Unexpected kinda attitude in most things I do.

So I went for it, and I’m so glad I did! And I’m so glad I had given my first time to Xtreme Lashes Hong Kong, because they gave me a thorough consultation session where I to learn about what was going to be used on me, how their ways of doing things (American style) were different from Japanese or Korean ways and I was even able to have my own input of how I wanted the outcome to be. It was an informative back and forth discussion on how to best do the lashes in a way that matches with my daily make-up (and occasional non-makeup routines) so to not look crazy.

I got to choose which type of lashes (I chose the softer ones), the length, the amount of curl, but all under their professional advice. That made me feel that I was in very safe hands.

2nd Week Update:
By the time my 2 weeks were up and I was due for my Lash Touch-up, I actually did feel I needed it because the lashes were starting to need more and more combing out before I could go out, and there was this “bald spot” starting to appear right above my iris (my real lash was still there, but the extension at that spot had fallen off).


4th+ Week:
To my surprise, not much has changed to the overall look of my eyelashes, even to myself! I’ve seen fallen lashes on my countertop, floors, chairs (some still attached to my real lashes, RIP)… but the set of lashes on my eyes still look okay!



On a typical momming day with no events to go to, I’m in LOVE with the ease of getting ready and being able to get out the door after applying just moisturizer and sunscreen.

On a day where I have to go to events and put on more make-up, I usually wish I had my own lashes back to put mascara on… Just so I can fix them to perfection as I please.

Xtremelashes is the way to go if you don’t want to lose all you own lashes. They work so professionally to give you a really natural-looking pair and I got so many compliments from everyone, either from photos or when they saw me in person! It also took probably a whole 15 minutes out of my daily routine which is GREAT when you have a son that needs your attention almost every minute of the day.

*If you decide to go, let them know that Mandeeeee had referred you (just say my name, say my nameeeee~) and you will get a complimentary lash touch-up in 2 weeks after you get them done, a service worth $500 HKD!!

But on a personal preference note, I actually find myself missing the feeling AND look of being completely bare of make-up of any kind. It’s actually quite liberating. Do you guys ever get that feeling? I’d love to hear about how you guys find eyelash extensions!


Thanks for making it the far. See you in the next one, hopefully REAL SOON! <3




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