The trending jewellery is getting oh-so-SHelly.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all still stacking’em necklaces and chokers, but stacking only gold coin necklaces are no longer the most fashionable: you have to add a shell choker/necklace into the mix.

Mine is from here, but here are some I found that are stackable or can be worn alone and still make you look like the most stylish girl in the room:

Seashells are no longer only for the beach! Check out how I styled them with my streetstyle looks:

Outfit 1


Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 2:


Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 3:


Outfit 4:


Shop this look here!

But if you zoom in closer, you will see that I also have shell anklets!!! This adds even more fab into your overall outfit and shows everyone that you pay attention to details.

Such a good quality to have when you are a fashionista.

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