This post is dedicated to showing you how a simple but chic AND comfortable outfit can be put together in a couple of easy steps. Just in time for the holidays!

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but QUALITY WARDROBE STAPLES!!!!!!
I used to be naive and believe that for anything with exceptional quality, I’d have to break the bank. Up until I landed on the Everlane website, ordered my first favourite basics, received them, and fell in love immediately with the quality and the fit.



First of all, you will need a couple good quality turtlenecks where the neck doesn’t droop and stands tall all day and night. I’ve recently been loving a white turtleneck¬†underneath any crew neck sweater. I feel it brings out a more vintage-y vibe to the whole look.

And on the topic of crew neck sweaters, ones with a pop of colour is always good, because it matches with the consistent good mood of the holidays! My favourite is this tangerine colour from Everlane. They literally pulled out my most beloved shade of orangey-yellow and cooked up really comfortable knits, like this one!


(This look was completed with The Editor Slingback, also in this fabulous tangerine colour~ I’m soooo in love.)

That said, I also have a black Turtleneck waffle cashmere sweater  that I absolutely ADORE. It keeps me warm on the coldest days, and when matched with a statement bottom (i.e. colourful slim fit pants or pencil skirts) (check them out here) , TOTALLY CHIC.


Back to the colour white though; nothing makes me more happy now than the shade of white. I think it comes with age… when you don’t spill everything you eat and touch or even LOOK at as soon as you put on white garments, you know you are older and wiser.

Check out my full look with the 100% Human Sweatshirt and The Cheeky Jean in White also from Everlaneeee

(Also wearing Black Chelsea Boots, which are literally the most comfortable chelsea boots my feet have ever experienced.)


If you reside in Hong Kong, it takes about a week for the shipment to come from the time you put in your order, so QUICKKKKKKKK! You will still make it in time to shine for X’mas!!



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