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The best part about being pregnant is not having to watch how much you eat…. although we can’t forget to watch WHAT we eat to make sure we are getting all the nutrients for our baby and our changing body.
I have to admit I am pretty bad with my diet because I love life and just eat whatever makes me happy, but it’s also because I know I have a great sidekick: Mead Johnson Enfamama A+ 🥛🥛🥛
It provides all the nutrients I look for during these important stages of my life 🤰🏻🤱🏻,including DHA, choline, folic acid, iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin 6, etc… all of which helps with baby’s brain development.
Most importantly, choose a brand you trust!




P.S. Get 25% off Mead Johnson Enfamama A+ formula from now onwards to May 9th when you purchase online here or in all their stockists (including Watson’s, Mannings, Parknshop, Wellcome and HKTVmall)!

You’re welcomeeeeeee 💖

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