My parents were always, always there for me; no matter what it was, or what I requested, or of it was something I wanted to try, they were always there to support me and back me up.

They never stressed out about our grades or school related stuff, but spent as much time with us as they possibly could just letting us be ourselves and taking us places to explore.

You are only a kid once, and they made sure my sister and I were overloaded with the greatest childhood memories anyone can ever ask for, without even really trying, but just being the really cool parents that they are.


And for the past (almost) 3 years, I have made sure to be the kind of parent my parents had been for me for Klay. I realise now that it’s not easy to let him just explore and develop his own potential without setting firm boundaries for everything, but I try every day.


It’s important to start with his nutrition, so after my 15-month breastfeeding journey with Klay, I started giving him the Enfinitas baby milk formula as it contains Lactoferrin which helps boosts his immune system. This gives him a great start to anything he would want to explore and learn about.




Psssst… Enfinitas are coming out with an S4 formula!Definitely keep an eye out for that!













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