It was our absolute honour to experience a 5-day all-inclusive family vacation at the Club Med Bali as a family of three! When I say all-inclusive, I mean, a premium hotel room, all three meals every day, activities and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)!

EVERYONE there is super friendly — to us, to the kids. They just make you feel so welcome the moment you step on to their premises. They made me realize that not every place welcomes children as warmly, because after all, children brings about noise and craziness, but Club Med Staff are one-of-a-kind accommodating.


The location of the resort is just amazing. It’s by the sea just off of the beach. And I would also say that it could be a spa/yoga retreat where you can bring kids but still can be uninterrupted. You have an option to drop them off at day-care or day camps with really lovable leaders on their premises or spend the day with them, and I think the option to do either is a dream to parents.

Here are some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions I got from you guys during and after our 5-day stay at Club Med Bali:

Do the rooms look old/dirty? Many of you asked me this as we know that Club Med has been a renowned family resort for decades now, but I have got to say they maintain their resort and rooms very well. Since it’s by the beach and surrounded by nature, there are going to be wear-and-tears that comes with being close neighbours with those natural occurrences, but other than that I feel like they have kept it all up pretty well.


How are the children’s amenities? They have a whole area in the resort that is dedicated to Children’s camps and daycare centres, for when parents and caretakers want to take a break and go for spa or the Zen Pool (which is only for 18+ adults). Within that, there’s a kid’s pool/splash pool, playground and indoor facilities for them to have nap time and indoor activities.

We also decided not to bring our stroller because we didn’t want to carry it around if we were only going to be staying at the resort, but little did we know, Club Med Bali is actually huge. That being said, the family-friendly resort got our backs: we were able to “rent” (free of charge, of course) a suitable stroller to push Klay around the resort for our whole time there (he is one lazy boy, who would rather be carried or sit in strollers than walk). They also offer free rentals of prams for younger babies, etc.


How’s the food? There is a main restaurant which serves buffet three times a day, and a smaller restaurant for a-la-carte dining that you can go if you want late breakfast or late lunch (a.k.a. if you had missed the buffet time-slot for the meal :P) They are both delicious but for us, we definitely enjoyed the buffet dinner more because there were so much more variety and things to choose from, especially for Klay, and the types of food changes every meal and every day, so you never really get bored of what they have to offer.


At The Deck Restaurant

Do we need to plan anything for our stay prior to arrival?  The best part of it all is, you really have no planning to do other than deciding whether you want the day kids-free or to spend time with them in the pool; whether you want to wake up earlier for the buffet breakfast/lunch or have an a-la-carte late breakfast/lunch. Club Med has activities that are scheduled every day, whether it be family games, yoga, aqua fit and other fitness classes, or GO shows every night, you can pick and choose whatever you feel like doing for that day. They also have really cute daily colour themes for dinner and after parties where everyone in the resort dresses to. The spirits of the staff as well as visitors are truly unbeatable.

Blue and white theme night

How many days is enough? We stayed for a total of 5 days including our arrival day in the afternoon and leaving in the afternoon on the 5th dayI feel like it was more than enough to truly experience the resort and explore every aspect of it, but if you are looking to just stay and relax for a weekend or 3 to 4 days, that would be quite enough too.



All in all, we really enjoyed our vacation at the Club Med Bali, because of great service, great staff and great vibes which puts everybody staying there in a great mood. We hope one day we could try out other resorts by Club Med around the world, especially when our little family grows by two feet (or maybe more in the future 🤭)

Klay told me to pose like this…


Do let me know if you have any more questions about the resort or travelling with kids in general in the comments section!



Happy vacation planning, my dears!





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