The worst part of online shopping is having to get up and get your card out of your purse.

(Currently in my third trimester, with a 3-year-old in tow, I am allowed to complain about most things in life.)

But it will be so worth it, getting up and getting that card to pre-order my next big shipment of Mead Johnson products from their e-shopping link when you see what they are giving out. Gifts ranging from Dyson purifying fans to OSIM massage chairs… and best of all, FREE SHIPPING and the number of gifts guaranteed 💯

Perfect for moms of 1.5 or more children!!! 🤰🏻👦🏻👥👥👥…

Pre-order ends August 1st!

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Pre-order online via the e-shopping and order the designated number of Mead Johnson products

2. Receive an order confirmation SMS

3. Head to the baby expo happening between August 2-5th and confirm your order at the Mead Johnson booth A06 and you are all set!

You will also be awarded for sharing this good deal! After putting in your order and referring friends, both you and your friend could receive

● HUGGIES Diamond Diapers size L 2-pack

● HUGGIES Pure Water Baby Wipes (10-wipe pack)

● Dettol Antibacterial Skincare Liquid Hand Wash 250g

If you successfully refer 5 friends or family, you will also receive a $500HKD Vtech voucher!

Click the link below and redeem all three gifts!

Let your friends know now!

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