You’d think you would know everything you need to know the second time around, but pregnancy is a funny thing. Much like motherhood/parenthood.

You really don’t know which mix of hormone cocktail you will get, which literally changes most if not all pregnancy symptoms.

The difference between the first pregnancy and second pregnancy is so different even on the outside! I don’t just mean the common misconception of a bigger belly or bigger overall outlook (because I measured both times and measured pretty much the same during the same time of pregnancy so that wasn’t particularly true for me), but I mean external factors. Like, hello people, did we forget that by second pregnancy we mean we already have a first child running around us while we are feeling all these pains and aches of a second baby growing inside of us?

  • The naps you used to be able to take during the first pregnancy you realize were luxurious.
  • The time you had keeping up with each week of the growth of fetus inside you on apps was so extra… second pregnancy you suddenly realize you are already in your third trimester, but only when you start not being able to bend low to help your toddler pick up the toy he dropped.

One of the better things is, though, you and your partner are now communicating way better, and understand your role as parents much better.

We are now a much better “Team”, and I am so grateful.

We are also now at least 3 years older, and I feel we are almost 3 years wiser…

My point is, every pregnancy is different. Just like every baby, every child, every person. We learn from each experience and we make mistakes, but we grow, together with the baby, as a family.

Just because it is not your first baby doesn’t mean you know everything about being a parent. It kinda means you know less, but you are also okay with that, and you become less judgemental on yourself and other parents.

Both photos in this post were taken when Klay was in my tummy for the last month or two.

Don’t be afraid to read and reread books that teach you how to deal with newborns, toddler conflict resolution strategies, siblings rivalry… and the like.

Take it easy, mamas, we are all doing a great job.


Despite all the broken hearts and negativity we are currently experiencing in Hong Kong, I hope you have a wonderful week <3




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