When you are out with a talented friend, you make really good use of her and make her help you take some ootd shots.

(Psssst…. you can find her work via her instagram handle @ezzentrictwee)

No matter what it is in parenthood you are struggling through, just don’t compare yourself with others, be it other parents or kids, because that is deadly. Trust your own instincts and gut feelings, read a lot on parenting and get ideas, but filter it to fit your own lifestyle.

It’s like how I have gotten so many comments about how my bump looks small for my gestational week, but c’mon guys, every body is different, and we carry differently, so as long as I am feeling the crazy kicks from my baby and me personally is feeling the growth of the bump, I am good.

Pregnant or not pregnant, I hope you are enjoying everything that you have right now, this moment.




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