I have been asked on various occasions which “Baby apps” I use to monitor the growth of my baby in gestation or keep track of nursing times and diapers after baby joins us Earth side.

Just wanted to share the ones I genuinely, religiously used/use/will be using.

During pregnancy, I really appreciate the “What to Expect” and the “280 days” app.

The WTE app is super informative, with videos and detailed descriptions of the different growth and changes for both mom and baby every week, as well as other related topics and suggestions. I didn’t use it as much throughout this second pregnancy because moms don’t have time for much, but I was literally always up to date on it and even WAITING for the next week to come so I can learn about the development of my baby that week on the app during the first.

The 280days app was developed in Japan, but as long as you choose English as your preferred language, their information is presented in a really cute and accurate fashion (in terms of changes and growth per week), and they also have tips and hints for both mom- AND dad-to-be. Opposite to the WTE app, I used this more often during this second pregnancy because I needed quick and brief information about baby’s growth and my bodily changes and a clear count down as to how many days are left until we meet baby #2 🤗

In terms of the “Nursing Timer” app, I used this religiously after I gave birth to track diapers and time Klay spent nursing on each boob, as well as nap/sleep times. It also has a function for keeping track of how much formula you have fed the baby with time stamps.

Diapers I probably stopped marking down a few months after Klay was born, when things seem to develop a healthy noticeable pattern. I remember timing and recording Klay’s breastfeeding sides and times up until we weaned, which is 15 months. It just became such a habit and I just liked knowing how long we were spending together, bonding. 😌

Last but not least, “Glow Baby”. This app is great for working moms, if you have more than one caretaker for your baby, OR if more people wants in on knowing how well the baby is being fed, wetting his diapers and sleeping. You can sync the apps on your phone and get an immediate update on any baby updates that others had just uploaded.

Hope that was helpful!

Good luck mamas!!



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