You know you will lose sleep, and you probably know you will be tired, but there are things no one tells you about having a newborn in your care:

  • other than eating, they pee and poo too
  • They will cry cry and cry and won’t reward you with a real smile until around 2 months of age, so find joy in the process (i.e. pat yourself on the back for making it so far in parenthood)
  • Your baby loves you and needs you, no matter how much it seems like they hate you (with all the crying)
  • being prepared and getting lots of info and advice from books and people are great, but trust your GUTs, they are usually right. Somehow we are born knowing whats best for our own children.

And here is the list of things you ACTUALLY need for life with a newborn.

  • Pillow (my favourite one here to prevent flat-head syndrome)
  • Sleeping bag (arms in and tummy snug makes for the best infant sleeping bag, like this one)
  • Bouncer (hands down the best invention ever, especially this one, in mesh)
  • bedside cot
  • diaper change station (this for small living spaces, and this for bigger spaces)
  • pretty muslin cloths, at least 4 big ones and 20 small ones)
  • A thicker Muslin blanket/quilt for cooler days and nights (love this one)
  • Comfortable and pretty crib sheets (2-3 to switch between, like this)
  • buy newborn diapers as you go, do NOT stock up
  • Baby wipes, lots of them
  • Nursing cover (this type is my personal fave, and causes the least fuss in public)
  • Car seat (if applicable, here and here)
  • Comfy and safe baby carrier (Konny, this or this one is nice and convenient, or this with an infant insert)
  • A tub that grows with your baby (I have been using this one since Klay’s newborn days)
  • HELP – don’t be polite when someone offers you help with your house, baby, or their older sibling(s) ─ just TAKE IT. Gather all the help you can get and only do what you

These things should last up to at least 3 months, then things start changing up a bit, but just slightly (mainly with teethers and toys and stuff), until we hit the “starting solids” stage around 5-6 months.

No matter what you buy or get, know that what your baby needs most is love. And no matter how effective the toy or bed or bouncer is, always remember babies cry, for hunger or comfort reasons, so make sure to check!

But most important thing to remember is, this is a TOUGH gig, but we all learn and get better along the way, so go parents go!!!

You are not alone, and if you think you are, I am here to listen!

Hope this was helpful!!



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