I have only joined the “Bleached hair” gang about two years ago, and I never knew how to deal with the dryness and split ends after a couple months of “looking really good”.I would go back to my hairdresser and have tbem fix it, either with expensive treatments or putting colour over it again, which are just temporary solutions.

Then I realized normal conditoner after my daily shampoo just doesn’t do it anymore, and by switching it up, I will save myself a lot of time, money and trips to the hair salon.

I discovered 2 products I like to call my holy grail of hair products that really saved the day:

1. John Masters Organic Hair Mask, which not only smells good, but really does it’s job. I apply it after shampoo mostly to the ends on my hair as well as bleached areas, and leave it in while I use body wash etc. and come back to rinse it out at the very end. My thin and damaged hair turns out smooth and brush-able, it’s amazing.

2. Goldwell Dualsenses Blonde And Highlights Anti-Yellow Shampoo (smaller version here)
The fact behind Asian bleached hair is that eventually, it turns kind of orangey-yellow, because our hair is naturally tinted with red (yes, in the midst of the deep dark black/brown!). This anti-yellow shampoo effectively helps my hair stay ashy and grey toned so that my bleach highlights look better for longer!

Stay healthy from your hair to your toes and inside and out you guys! <3



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