Being a full-time mom is tough, with all the things you have to keep afloat while still trying to make sure you are teaching your kids the right values and making sure they have an amazing childhood to look back on.

Being a teacher was the best preparation for this job as a Mother: I have seen and dealt with children with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and I have had to “correct” or enhance certain aspects of their character for their own benefit in an accepting way.

The importance of dealing with situations and behaviour in a firm yet gentle, consistent yet forgiving and clear yet loving way is SOOOOO key, but not all of us know what to do in all these situations we find ourselves in. Whenever I see parents struggling to handle their children, I always want to step out and help them.

But everything depends on the situation, and the reaction of your child and how you then handle that… it is such a fun but complicated art.

What is the most frustrating situation with kids you have encountered where you really didn’t know what to do? DM me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

It could be your own children, your friend’s children or your nephews and nieces, anyone.

Let me help you!

Leave your questions in the comments section or shoot me an email ❤️



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