I literally typed this list up while I was packing for the hospital/in the hospital after “bloody show” happened/after I gave birth and was in the hospital for two nights. There are things you don’t know you need until you are there and needing it, so even though I am only posting this publicly after almost nine months, I am hoping it will be helpful fir those of you choosing the public system for your delivery, because these were the things I most needed from experience!

  • plastic bags as garbage bags
  • disposable toilet seat covers
  • roll of tissues /box of kleenex
  • maternity pads (for losing mucous plug or bloody show)
  • shower towel
  • face towel
  • book
  • charger
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Waterproof bag/basket to bring toiletries to toilet for showers and things

Oh and also don’t a bagful of:

  • strength
  • courage
  • patience

and a grateful heart for being able to experience all the happiness, all the pain and all the mixed emotions leading up to the best journey of your life: motherhood.

Was there anything you found that was useful that you don’t see on my list? Do share!

 I wish you all the best <3




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