Typing this title made me rethink what I was going to share… I mean, the books I am about to share are good from 0 months, because I usually encourage parents to start reading to babies before they become too mobile as they can they crawl away from the reading session. 🤪

My baby Brooks is 9 months old now and he is super impulsive, loves to chew on everything he gets his hands on, and basically has no patience to listen to Monmy read even the shortest of a book/story. VERY different from Klay, my almost-4-year-old.

With children, I almost always read with exaggerated, expressive and different voices to fit the story and characters. I find that helps captivate their attention, especially with babies like Brooks that are still learning to enjoy stories.

Since he loves to touch, feel and scratch his surroundings, I found that the touchy-feely books that incorporate different textures for them to feel on each page helps him focus on the book longer, making him wanting to see what else is coming next. Learning to anticipate what happens on the next page is essential for becoming a good reader, so these kind of books are great for very young children.

When you pick a book, make sure it is written with a good rhyme on every page. This could be a post on its own for me to explain what this means but think about the lyrics to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…. each line ends with a rhyming word to the next. This kind of detail in a story for a young reader is important because it is catchy to the ear. It captures their attention wayyy more easily and eventually sparks interest for them to learn more about the story if you care to explain when they start asking.

Make sure that you have your favourite stories in board books for babies, in case they like to chew their edges like Brooks, because paperbacks can not withstand chewing (obviously). If they are chewing the book you want to read, pick out another board book and start reading that one with a fun and captivating voice; I guarantee you they will drop the book they were gnawing on to join you with the one you are so enthusiastically reading.

I hope these little tips help because sometimes it may see like hard work to get your children to learn to love books and reading in general.

Remember, modelling helps, so read more of your own favourites in front of your child and soon, you will find that they will pick up their own books to read on their own time!

Have an amazing week full of good books and stories !



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