The Smile Bar Review

Did you experience the Smile Bar with me on SnapChat? Lemme elaborate.. The whole teeth whitening experience at The Smile Bar goes something like this: Step 1 – Customer Briefing The Smile Specialists explains the chemistry of the formula and the whitening process before you begin for the first time to make sure you understand Continue Reading

The Shirt-Sweater Combo, casual-ized.

      ..and of course  with my favourite cape that goes well with anything.      sweater: H&M, jeans: Hollister, shirt: Gap The shirt-sweater combo can be casual-ized too! Just throw on a pair of jeans and a nice pair of simple minimalist kicks. ..with a hot up of starbucks vanilla latte and a Continue Reading

Nike Lunarglide 6 (FLASH!) Review

In love with the 3M flashy material on these runners, and the way they make me feel when I run.. // Excuse me for the bad quality pictures of me running in my beloved Lunarglide 6 Flash but I’m professional, I don’t run to be photographed *Cough* No, but honestly, we don’t bring our phones Continue Reading

SUPER HANDY mascara trick revealed!

This article is all about how I accidentally discovered a very useful mascara tip for myself and readers who are frequent mascara users.. It’s actually kind of a silly one, this mascara tip I’m about to tell you about. It was amidst my multi-tasking way of life that I stumbled across this little finding. Let Continue Reading

How to be a better walker..

..or a better runner: Put yourself in good shoes. The reason I emphasize wearing GOOD SHOES is because I realize how important it is to have at least one pair of super comfortable sneakers. For me, growing up meant losing interest to move around or walk around so much. At first I thought that was Continue Reading

Mandeeeee’s ALS ice bucket challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been such a successful way to educate people all over the world about the disease and encourage donations for such a horrible neurodegenerative disease. I am so grateful that during my living years, I am able to participate in such a meaningful causestarted by intelligent people who knows how Continue Reading

To do or not to do – Aerial Yoga review

By all means, go for it.  Not because it seems like it’s on the top of the list of the trending ways to exercise.. not because everyone is trying it out and posting pictures about it.. but because it effectively works your core, arms and flexibility. And of course, what you dare to do with Continue Reading

Jelly? Sandals.

These jelly sandals are phenomenal. Super soft and super comfy. (and mine being clear allows for my pedicures to shine through :D) I can walk all day without feeling like i’ve been in plastic sandals all day! They go well with all kinds of summer outfits, but if in doubt, an over-the-knee skater skirt is Continue Reading

A SUPER and WONDERdog night

My friend brought to me this awesome new joint for hotdogs. Mini hotdogs, if you will. Perfect for a girl’s appetite, without sacrificing the need for tasty hotdogs!! I built my own mini hotdog, with my all-time favourites: pineapples, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I went straight to hotdog heaven. And on Continue Reading