A sucker for love.

這麼多年後我還是個情癡 就是憤不顧身的去愛 就是為了愛的人  什麼也願意 我比較好彩 我最愛最愛的人1直都是他 使他1直能受惠於我為愛人滿載著的愛 他是最幸福的 heeheehee.. 我也是. xoxomandeeeee P.S. 不好意思 突然有感而發 : D

新年快樂 !

我們真的很幸運又有新的開始了 由元旦到農曆新年都不夠1個月 又有新的開始 天氣這麼的好 太陽那麼的大氣溫多麼的和暖 突然從冬眠的狀態醒過來 終於開始做點運動了 增肥期提早結束 才發現真的胖到不行了 差點走不動 -_- 但是只要有決心 沒有難得到我的事! 太多事情讓我期待 沒有空去懶惰 :p A side note: This weather is too nice. Such sunny blue skies and warm temperatures. Could not resist throwing on a pair of club monaco scallop-hem shorts with a thicker top for the morning/evening chills. And I styled it Continue Reading

Just being myself…..

Sometimes i feel that i’ve grown up.. grown up out of the old pessimistic self, more able to see thru different situations now and see the bright side of things. then again there’s still that side of me which struggles to decide who i am to the general public to people i care about to Continue Reading