Socks in Seoul Part 2

When travelling,you dare to do so much more. Just because you are in a foreign place,nobody knows your name you can be braver with what you wear. Or, since you’re on vacation,you feel more like free-styling and limiting restrictionsrather than letting restrictions limit you. ***sleeveless shirt dress by H&Mcrew socks in black by NIKE  denim school Continue Reading

Socks in Seoul Part 1

Walking is a big part of being a tourist, so I could not go to Seoul without a pair of NIKE flyknits. To add a trendy touch I packed regular NIKE socks, meaning they are not meant to be hidden inside my shoes. They basically transformed my otherwise plain jersey dress + sneakers look into something Continue Reading

<少褲多衫> 制

最愛旅遊 卻最怕 pack and unpack.. outfit planning那個嘛 短線的旅行比較好 因為可以採用  制 :p 就是褲子不用帶很多上身的衣服卻可以多帶幾件 The most dreadful dilemma before a long-awaited vacation  is the course of packing and unpacking. it’s easier for short trips: more tops, less bottoms. Duh. but if I use this same theory for the upcoming Easter vacation.. i dunno… WHAT TO DOOOOOO X0X Continue Reading