Handmade Elastic Choker 90’s style

A vintage green top from mommy, a pair of vintage Levis’ shorts, and a pair of Stan Smith snake in green. Nothing makes a statement better thanthis blue handmade (by my favourite person on Earth) elastic choker! Don’t tell him I told you this, but he made it the other night while we were babysitting Continue Reading

Vintage Denim on vintage denim

My favourites all in one: vintage¬†+ denim. Both vintage pieces, both denim and together they form the best casual outfit for summer when you are planning to be out for the whole day. Those vintage shorts are also my new favourite length for denim shorts.¬† I call it “a classy length”, not too long nor Continue Reading

High-waisted classy denim shorts

It suddenly got really hot. And then I thought to myself, “Why is it so hot? It’s only.. Oh, it’s July already.” This vintage plaid shirt makes the whole outfit really safe, but you will not understand: No matter how loose and how big the arm holes are, when it’s summer in Hong Kong, anything Continue Reading