Good enough

當您懂得真心的說 [ 夠喇 ] 或 [足夠了] 才代表您真的會 [ 知足 ] .. 有很多人會把這個詞語掛在口邊 卻從來不覺得自己在濫用它 人大了發覺原來若是真心知足的人 在他的臉上其實能看到 人 太複雜 都是因為有著思想 然後產生出欲望 我真的不喜歡跟複雜的人在1起 感覺太不舒服 所以我細心挑選我的朋友 交往來得舒服我便會立刻開始很疼她們了 但是每1段關係都是雙方面的 我對人好 她也不1定覺得須要互惠 不要緊 講到底就是要做自己覺得各該做的事 不要怕洩底 不要怕丟臉 不要怕沒人疼 因為疼我們的人 不會令我們感到這麼矛盾 愛我的人 多的是. [ 足夠了 ]

Just being myself…..

Sometimes i feel that i’ve grown up.. grown up out of the old pessimistic self, more able to see thru different situations now and see the bright side of things. then again there’s still that side of me which struggles to decide who i am to the general public to people i care about to Continue Reading

Best beauty tip of the year

I’ve been sleeping most of my holiday away, and to be truly honest, it feels SO great. All the troublesome skin problems disappear when I get sufficient sleep. Sufficient in quality, not just quantity. Seriously, people! water + sleep = GREAT SKIN! time for my beauty sleep ( : xoxo  mandeeeee

A beautiful, bold statement on the last Friday of 2013

I love sunlight because it makes me happy. But this black happy necklace makes me even happier! Sometimes when I see coloured accessories (meaning they come in colours other than silver or gold), I hesitate because I only choose things that are easily matched with anything I throw on. This necklace though, holds the best Continue Reading